Tomorrow Is Today For Annie

Annie Runs March 14-17

Tomorrow Is Today For Annie

Lauren Leathers & Andy Bryant, Sting Reporters

Tomorrow is here! Watch the trailer today!

Performances for the Chester High School Drama Department musical Annie will be March 14-16 at 7 p.m., as well as a matinee on Sunday, March 17, at 2 p.m.

Annie tickets are available, although some shows have few seats left and Saturday is sold out. The adult ticket prices are $8 a ticket, while the student tickets are $5 per ticket. However, students are only classified as K-12 students.

Melody Colonel was cast in the title role. Other majors roles are Molly, who will be played by Ariel Throop, Pepper by Lauren Welge, July by Mallary Vasquez, Tessie by Adeline Blechle, Duffy by Alana Meyer, Kate by Alison Venus, Daddy Warbucks by Jacob Wingerter, Grace by Elizabeth Soellner, Miss Hannigan by Lydia Heck, Rooster by Blake Zappa, Lilly by Brianna Surman and Drake played by Andy Bryant.

                                   Annie  Cast List
Annie Melody Colonel
Molly Ariel Throop
Pepper Lauren Welge
July Mallary Vasquez
Tessie Adeline Blechle
Duffy Alana Meyer
Kate Alison Venus
Warbucks Jacob Wingerter
Grace Elizabeth Soellner
Miss Hannigan Lydia Heck
Rooster Blake Zappa
Lily Brianna Surman
Drake Andy Bryant
Orphan Jessica Handel
Orphan Alexandra Hennrich
Orphan Ashtyn Jany
Orphan Elyzabeth Mitchell
Orphan Lauren Soellner
Orphan Kamryn Wingerter
H’ville/NYC Amber Essman
Woman 4-H’ville/Maid/NYC Audrey Hopper
H’ville-Sophie/Maid/Star-to-Be/Bonnie Boylan Brooke Frazer
H’ville/Maid/NYC Brooklyn Adams
H’ville/Maid/NYC Cailyn Lawson
Apple Seller-H’ville/Maid/NYC/Perkins Caitlin Elsea
H’ville/Butler/NYC/Howe Chris Schwier
Couple #2/H’ville/Butler/NYC/Jimmy Johnson/Judge Brandies Devon Adams
Man 4-H’ville/Butler/NYC/Cabinet Member Emarrea Bell
H’ville/Maid/NYC-Usherette Grace Stec
Man 3-H’ville/Butler/NYC/Sound Effects Guy/Cabinet Member Jakob Cushman
Couple #1/H’ville/Mrs. Greer/NYC/Connie Boylan Jenna Bierman
H’ville/NYC Jessica Penford
H’ville/Maid/NYC Josie Kattenbraker
Bert Healy/Man 2-H’ville/Dog Catcher #1/Butler/NYC/Hull Kaleb Hughes
Dog Catcher #2/H’ville/Butler/NYC/Fred McCr./Morganthau Kaleb Rehmer
Couple #2/H’ville/Maid/NYC/Ronnie Boylan Katelyn Shinabarger
H’ville/Maid/NYC Kendall Williams
H’ville/Maid/NYC Lexus Iverson
Woman 1-H’ville/Maid/Rockette Maddie Hasemeyer
H’ville/Maid/NYC Makayla Ward
H’ville/Mrs. Pugh/NYC Makaylaih Gladney
Eddie-H’ville/Butler/NYC Noah Colonel
Woman 3-H’ville/Cecille/Rockette Stevie Gilbert
Woman 2-H’ville/Annette/Rockette Sylena Martin
Mr. Bundles/H’ville-Man 1/Butler/NYC/Ickes Wes Carpenter
Couple #1/H’ville/Butler/NYC/Roosevelt Wyatt Johnson