Halloween Bake-off In Culinary Arts


Cortnie Winkler created Floral Graveyard in the Culinary Arts class.

Last week, Culinary Arts competed in a Halloween-inspired Bake-off. They had to choose a pastry chef who focused on specialty treats and specifically has prepared Halloween goodies. Students then had to draw from that chef as inspiration for their spooky entry.

Bloody Eyeballs (inspired by Jaque Torres) featured a made-from-scratch, edible cookie dough flavored bon bon covered in a white chocolate shell. Floral Graveyard (inspired by Loraine Pascale) featured a made-from-scratch chocolate cake, covered in homemade fondant with fondant roses and white chocolate skull hand-painted with gold luster dust. Entries were scored based on degree of difficulty, design, taste, and sanitation practices.

Cortnie Winkler was the winner of the Nordicware Tombstone Cakelet Pan “trophy” after voting was complete with her entry of Floral Graveyard.