Freshmen Fears During Weird Year


Haley Hoskin, Sting Reporter

This is a weird year for everyone. The high school’s freshmen are especially scared for this year. None of the freshmen had graduations and some didn’t even get graduation parties. The freshmen have lots of concerns and fears. Here are some of them.
Some of the concerns the freshman have are not getting around the halls with any help, not getting to class on time, and getting lost in the school. The freshmen are scared about not getting around the halls with no help. One freshman was scared of not getting around the halls because they don’t know the teachers if the teachers are nice. They are also scared of the teacher because of the same reasons. They don’t know them. Some of the freshmen know some of the teachers but many of the students do not know some of the teachers. Some other fears that freshmen have are failing freshman year because of the remote learning and having to teach themselves.
The freshmen’s fears are not getting to class on time, getting around the halls without any help, failing freshmen year, and not knowing the teachers. Those are the fears the freshmen have about their freshman year at high school.