Devious Licks Larcenous Trend


Kerringtyn Malley

Sinkhole de Mayo

Haley Hoskin, Sting Reporter

People on TikTok are encouraging teens and kids to steal and vandalize school property. Then the kids doing these acts take a video of either doing it or showing the item(s) they stole and post the video on TikTok. This new trend is called Devious Licks. The person who started Devious Licks trend is a TikTok user @jugg4elias, who posted a video on TikTok of himself pulling a box of disposable masks he claims that he took from the school.
This trend is causing kids to get arrested and get in trouble for their deeds. Some of the things that kids are already doing are stealing class pet, taking the soap dispenser off the wall in the bathroom and stealing them, and stealing boxes of disposable masks. While these videos are mostly kids or teens taking things out of bathrooms, they are really just taking things from all over the school. It is also having school shut down completely or just the restrooms.
TikTok is taking down all videos that are hashtag devious licks. As of right now, this trend is not just on TikTok but also on social media pages like Facebook and Instagram. This is hurting a lot of kids’ futures and it is unwise to do any of these things or be part of this treacherous trend.