Dark Deception: Halloween Special

Dark Deception: Halloween Special

Ace Smith, Associate Editor

Dark Deception is an action-based maze horror game made by Glowstick Entertainment. This game is not only scary, but it’s story-based gameplay makes it very intriguing. What makes the game so fun and exciting to me is the mechanics and backstory, so let’s get into that shall we? Oh, and spoiler alert!

The story revolves around the main character Doug Houser, who seeks redemption from his corrupt past which got him in the maze in the first place. He meets Helen Bierce, who helps him change his fate in exchange for a powerful ring known as “The Riddle of Heaven”. Malak, a powerful demon, as well as the antagonist of Dark Deception, is the owner of this ring and attempts to stop Doug from obtaining it. On his journey, he goes through nightmarish mazes related to his dark past in order. Currently there are four chapters, and each inhabits different monsters, such as Agatha, Murder Monkeys, etc.

As the game progresses, Doug gains powers from Bierce and you use these powers to break previously blocked off passageways. There is not much else to say about the mechanics, but I will say this game uses them well with how basic it is.

This game is THE PERFECT game for you if you want a tense and fun experience. It’s audience rating is 4.7, so it’s a pretty well received piece of media. I will be dressing up as Agatha from this game this Halloween!