Juniors Tour Vietnam Memorial


The junior class tourned the Vietnam Wall memorial in Perryville, Mo., as part of the U.S. History class curriculum.

Chandler W. Prater, Sting Reporter

The Junior class at Chester High School went to the Vietnam veterans memorial wall on March 29.
The classes were split into 3 separate groups: Red, White, and Blue. The Junior class got on the buses at 8 A.M. and went over to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. The classes got off the buses and stood around for about 10 to 15 minutes before the tour started. The Red group had started at the wall of names. There is a system to find names on the wall.
“Every dot is 10 lines and anyone who is missing has a cross next to their name and anyone who is confirmed dead and/or found after being missing will have a diamond next to their name,” said the tour guide.
Next the Red group went to the weapons room where they had information on how heavy the guns were and what ammunition it took. The Red group then gathered around the 50 cal. and a veteran was talking to the Red group about what it was like to use and carry the 50 caliber.
Then it was time to go watch the welcome video and look at the different branches of the Military and when they were invented.
“The White Group had started in the Weapons wing of the building… The weapons were very intriguing,” said one of the Juniors.
Another Junior, Kane Trost, was in the white group.
“The 30 cal. can shoot 10 rounds a second,” said Trost.
The blue group started in the main building where there was coffee for the veterans who came to visit the wall.
“The coffee smelled great in the main building,” said Scott Bernachi. Scott and the blue group had watched the Welcome video before anyone else did.
All in all, everyone had a good time and we want to thank our veterans all over the world for their service and protection.
The field trip was part of the U.S. History class curriculum.