Car of the Week — Clayton Andrews

Car of the Week -- Clayton Andrews

Clayton Andrews, Sting Reporter

Owner- Clayton Andrews

Year- 2018

Make and Model- Honda Civic Si

Mileage- 23,325

Accessories- MAP Catback Exhaust

Any trips/stories in the car- I found the car on facebook marketplace, but it was located in Chicago. My Dad and I decided to make the drive up on a weekend to look at the car. I had only driven a manual about 3 times before this trip. Once we finally decided to purchase the car, my Dad told me I had to drive it home since I was the one who wanted to purchase the car. I was very scared driving a manual car with very little experience through the busy streets of Chicago. I had gotten a little practice when I test drove the car so thankfully I didn’t stall the car at all on the drive back home.

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