Pet of the Week 9/16

Pet of the Week 9/16

September 16, 2019

Auditions for 3-8th graders for “Shrek the Musical”

Mallary Vasquez, Advertisement Manager

September 11, 2019

On Wednesday, August 28, Mrs. Coop held a parent meeting for auditions for 3-8th graders for "Shrek the Musical." Role needed to be filled by a young boys is Young Shrek. The role that will be played by a young girl will be young...

Cartoon Yondr

Cartoon Yondr

August 24, 2019

Geocaching King

Melody Colonel

August 22, 2019

Not many people know what geocaching is. Geocaching the recreational activity of hunting for and finding a hidden object by means of GPS coordinates posted on a website. Mr. Richard Janssen, a well known bus driver and photogr...

Advice to Freshmen

Mallary Vasquez, Sting Ad Manager

August 21, 2019

Welcome to the 2020 school year! With each new school year, Chester High School welcomes a new freshmen class each time, all different from the last. Honestly, coming into high school from grade school can seem terrifying. Fig...

Apex Legends Is Epic

Wes Carpenter, Sting Reporter

February 22, 2019

Apex Legends is another battle royale-style game like Fortnite, or Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG). However, Apex Legends has something new that Fortnite or PUBG doesn't. Apex Legends has a pinging feature that allows you to...

Cheerleaders Hold Camp

February 20, 2019