Mikayla’s Album-A-Day Challenge 16

Mikaylas Album-A-Day Challenge 16

Mikayla Straight, Sting Reporter

Album a Day – Week 16
Day 106 – …Somewhere More Familiar by Sister Hazel

Notes: This album is very nostalgic to me because of my dad, so I took the chance to listen for him. I like it and it is definitely something a 90s kid would listen to.
Favorite Song: All For You

Day 107 – Americana by The Offspring

Notes: I like this album. The band is already familiar to me too so I knew I’d like the full album. Good Guitar. Unique voice and lyrics.
Favorite Song: Why Don’t You Get A Job

Day 108 – Sublime by Sublime

Notes: Love it, though I am biased because I already like this band.
Favorite Song: Doin Time

Day 109 – The B*stards by Palaye Royale

Notes: Such a cool album. The guitar is cool and while it’s a newer album, it feels older. Well Produced and the voice is so interesting.
Favorite Song: Hang On To Yourself

Day 110 – Dirt by Alice In Chains

Notes: Good album, of course. I have heard quite a lot from this album, but the rest was a pleasant surprise. I suggest this listen through.
Favorite Song: Rain When I Die

Day 111 – Come Clean by Puddle Of Mudd

Notes: I think its a decent album. Nothing really said wow.
Favorite Song: Drift And Die

Day 112 – Blue Neighborhood by Troye Sivan

Notes: Underwhelming. Not my music, but it was too basic to even praise the quality of the album.
Favorite Song: BITE