Mikayla’s Album-A-Day Challenge 17

Mikayla Straight, Sting Reporter

Day 113 – OK, I’M SICK by Badflower
Notes: This is well produced and has meaningful lyrics about mental health issues. I liked the voice and guitar.
Favorite Song: The Jester

Day 114 – Coco Moon by Owl City
Notes: It was mostly boring until the bridge in “The Tornado” and it was a little preachy. It is not my thing, obviously.
Favorite Song: The Tornado

Day 115 – Scaled And Icy by twenty one pilots
Notes: This was so underwhelming. I had low expectations from them based on the singles I heard, so this wasn’t much disappointment. I cannot recommend this album. Listen to a different album of this band and not this one.
Favorite Song: Shy

Day 116 – Siamese Dream by The Smashing Pumpkins
Notes: This was good, musically interesting, and I definitely will be listening again.
Favorite Song: Disarm

Day 117 – The Sound Of Madness by
Notes: This is another one I listened to because of nostalgia. I have seen quite a few of these songs live and already enjoy them because of that experience. I like this album.
Favorite Song: Second

Day 118 – HOPE by NF
Notes: I wanted to stray away from the normal music I listen to and looked at newly released albums and found this. This is well produced and unique, but it wasn’t much of my thing. He sounds very distraught throughout this entire album.
Favorite Song: HOPE

Day 119 – the record by boygenius

Notes: I think this album is a nice and simple album. I really like the attention to detail. This was well made.

Favorite Song: Not Strong Enough