Spring Concert Swan Song For Seniors

Mrs. Hodge


Mrs. Hodge

Swing choir performs “Dancing Queen” during the spring concert.

Haley Hoskin, Associate Editor

Chester High School music department had their concert May 9th. Concert Choir, Swing Choir, Jazz band, and Concert band all performed.
The first group was Concert Choir with their 3 pieces from contest I will Carry the Light with soloist Ace Smith , Let Me Be The One, and This Land Is Your Land/ America with soloist Jessica Ixcoy and Tesla Addision. They also performed Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride with soloist Jason Sibley and Happy Together featuring class of 2023.
The second group was Swing Choir with their contest pieces, Putin on the Ritz, Till There was You soloists Mirra Kreig and Julia Venus, and Orange Colored Sky soloists Ceasar Marquez and Chelsea August. Their dancing pieces were Pinball Wizard with soloists Ash Phiffer and Mikayla Straight and Dancing Queen.
Next up was a Jazz band with Abacus with Cesar Marquez, Cool Cats with soloists Jacob Handel and Rylie McDonough, and On Ya Bike with soloists Jacob Handel and Clayton Andrew. They also played Gonna Fly Now with soloists Jacob Handel and Max Bleche.
To end the performance was a concert band. They played Forged in Steel, Princeton Variations, and American Flourish.
Band Awards were given out during the concert as well. The 4 year band members Clayton Andrews, Chelsea August, Maggie Clendenin, Sydney Collins, Jacob Handel, Jesse Heath, Kerringtyn Malley, Cesar Marquez, Ace Smith, Mikayla Straight, Julia Venus, and Noah Wetzel. The 4 year choir members were Tulsa Addison, Chelsea August, Ace Smith, and Julia Venus.
Music Awards are
Amanda Kahre Memorial- Jaden Lopez
Chorus Arion- Ace Smith
runner up- Mikayla Straight
Best of Day- Jason Sibley
Frederick Allmeyer Memorial- Max Bleche
Louis Armstrong Jazz- Jacob Handel
Wayne Thorne Memorial- Sydney Collins
Band Arion- Chelsea August
Runner up- Clayton Andrews