Student Council, Class Officers Elected

Kaci Trost, Sting Reporter

The Student Council for 2023-2024 was announced last week on Wednesday, May 10th. While the incoming freshman class is not included in this as they weren’t included the voting system, the officers and representatives are:
Student Council Officers
President- Brenden Malley
Vice President- Diego Perez
Secretary/Treasurer- Isaiah Ferrell
Social Chair- Sadie Sellers
Extra-Curricular Chair- Nate Maes

Class Officers:
President- Garrett Hopkins
Vice President- Camryn Luthy
Secretary- Bethany Baughman
Treasurer- Kinsli McCartney
Sponsors: Durbin and Mueller

President- Whitney Sulser
Vice President- Brayden Absher
Secretary- Olivia Earl
Treasurer- Jack Heffernan
Sponsors: Werner and Appel

President- Rylie Myers
Vice President- Callie Davis
Secretary- Addy Gottschammer
Treasurer- Southern LaChance
Sponsors: Boyd and Clendenin

Class Student Council Representatives
(up to two each class):
Senior Class:
Jazzi Merideth
Ash Pfeiffer
Junior Class:
Nick Coffey
Rylie Conley
Sophomore Class:
Maggie Caby
Jessie Stump