A Letter to Those…

Lauren Leathers, Sting Editor

This is a letter to those who struggle, have a bad day, or maybe even yet have it perfect. Before one leaves to the big world after high school or even has to live in the big world in high school, one should leave knowing many things. Many things don’t cost but yet may help someone no matter what they are going through.

      Rule 1: When entering a door enter with a smile on your face. I mean this literally and mentally. When opening the door to an experience, smiling shows confidence. But a smile can also help one’s day.

     Rule 2: When on my way in a hurry to work today I forgot to put the key in the ignition. Humorous, I know, but what I realized is you can’t start an adventure or experience without a certain key to start it. So have the right mindset and make what you do meaniful. Also remember you need the keys to start a car!

    Rule 3: Holding a door for someone only takes a few seconds — unless of course you hold it open for the whole Chester High School when the bell rings at 7:50 a.m. Holding a door open may be the only thing that makes someone’s day easier, but the thank you one receives means so much because you know that thank you was the most meaningful thank you one can get.

     Rule 4: Take everything you have not for pride or to show off but to heart. When you are down, don’t think about what you don’t have; think about what you have and be proud of it. Be thankful for what you’ve worked so hard for and put love into what you got.

     Rule 5: Lastly, don’t judge upon what one has or doesn’t have, how they talk, or how they look. The people you see that don’t look the greatest can have the best soul you can find. Don’t be judgmental; one’s heart can be the smallest, but you can also make it the biggest. You can take the Grinch out of anyone if you just push them to have some faith. Everyone needs a push, but not everybody has that so be the push through someone’s door.