Juniors tour Morris Library


Wes Carpenter

Juniors took a field trip to Morris Library on the Southern Illinois University Carbondale campus where they were tutored in academic research.

Molly Rowold, Sting Reporter

On December 5th, the junior students of CHS went on a field trip to the SIU Carbondale campus to take a look at Morris Library and explore all the items that they have.

One of the best things about the SIU campus is the library. It holds thousands of books and has a huge online database to explore. During the field trip, students got to learn how to properly cite the sources they will be using in the research paper that will be due at the start of February. The students were allowed to look around the library and find books that could help them in writing their paper.

Chester was one of the 5 different schools that had the privilege of being welcomed onto the SIU campus. The other schools include were Cobden, Waltonville, Du Quoin and Murphysboro.

The students were also provided with lunch and were allowed to enjoy the coffee and various drinks up for purchase at the library. A huge thank you goes out to SIU for welcoming us to their campus. Thank you!!