The Return of the Mullet?

Melody Colonel, Sting Reporter

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If you look through the hallways at CHS, you may see a guy or two rocking the mullet as a new hairstyle.

Ethen Eggemeyer, one of the original wearers of the mullet, said, “I’ve had the same haircut since I was little so when I was walking through the halls looking at the pictures by the office, I thought it’d be cool to have a mullet.” He is referring to the different portraits of all of the graduated classes of CHS that hang around the office.

Nick Meyer, another CHS student who is supporting the new look, says, “Happiness is an understatement, everyone should try the look at least once in their life. Everyone wants to see if the mullet life is for them.”

While many guys around the high school rock the look, it was their own imagination that sparked the idea of bringing back the mullet, a hairstyle that was widely popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Will the mullet make a full comeback, or will it just be a group of guys from Chester with a new hairstyle?