New Game Ultimate Smash

Wes Carpenter, Sting Reporter

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the 5th game in the series. This game succeeded Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. This game puts all of your favorite Nintendo game characters, and some, against each other like Snake from Metal Gear Solid, or Mario from Super Mario, and a variety of Pokemon where the object of the game is to knock your opponent off of the platform that you play on.


You can only get this game on the Nintendo Switch, which does mean one of your friends has to have a Switch; and it only comes with 2 controllers called Joy-Con, but the switch is easily portable and also can have up to 8 players at once which allows you to play with your friends practically anywhere. This game is great if you want to get together with your friends and just mess around and have some “Friendly” competition.

I have had a lot of fun playing this game with my friends. There are so many characters to choose from because this game has the biggest roster out of all the other Super Smash Bros. It also is just a great game to play but the only reason I personally do not own this game is because I don’t have a Switch so I have to rely on my friends when I want to play. So in short, I do recommend you give this game a try; it is very easy to pick and understand the controls. Nintendo has made yet another great game.