‘Phone Pouches’ Being Used This Year

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‘Phone Pouches’ Being Used This Year

Jaci South, Sting Editor

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Students wanting to bring their phones to school this year will have to lock them up in pouches during instructional time.

During the April 16th school board meeting, Mrs. Meyer presented the board with the high school’s current cell phone policy as well as a breakdown of
phone offenses for the past two years. Mrs. Meyer and Mr. Blechle have been investigating “Yondr,” a company
that makes mobile phone pouches that creates phone-free spaces. Mrs. Meyer apprised the board they will be
revisiting the phone policy and she suggested the use of the Yondr pouches for students to lock their phones in
during the school day to prevent distractions.

The board approved the change. Phones will stay with the students in the pouches throughout
the school day. The phones will be unlocked during their lunch hour and relocked at the beginning of their
next class period. Mrs. Meyer stated that Du Quoin is currently using the product in the junior high and high
school and their cell phone offenses have been cut in half or more. It was also noted that students are
interacting more with each other and with their teachers. A Yondr representative will speak with both students
and parents and will perform a test run for 1-2 days at the start of this school year. A presentation to students is scheduled Aug. 15 on the first day of student attendance.

The cost to rent a pouch is $15.

As of this week, 245 students had rented the pouch. Mrs. Meyer said the enrollment at the school is approximately 370.

“If parents want their students to have a phone at school, they would be required to purchase
this pouch,” Mrs. Meyer said.

Editor’s Note: This story is an update of one that ran after the board discussed this issue last April.