Avengers: Endgame Non-Spoiler Edition

Molly Rowold

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The new Avengers movie started off where the last one left off, with all of the aftermath of Infinity War. The original Avengers, with the help of ***, find *** and ***. A small amount of time passes and *** was finally found. There was a pretty intense fight between *** and *** that ended in *** passing out. Fast forward *** and everyone is trying to cope with the losses of the snap. Black Widow is particularly torn up about everything. *** shows up and they have a heartfelt conversation. Some good things happen and some bad things happen. *** comes back and helps find a way to ***. *** ends up completely figuring it out and *** is round up. The *** goes on a huge mission to do *** and this leads to the biggest *** of all. The *** was huge and the following *** was bigger. *** is able to ***. *** sees *** again.

The biggest part of the movie though, is when *** ***. The *** was ***. Fast forward a few days and the *** takes place. Everyone was there. In the end *** had to return *** to their proper ***. *** ends up staying ***. When his friends see him again, he is ***. He gives his *** to ***, making him the new ***.