Minecraft Rebirth


Jenna Bierman and Cordy Stirnaman

Minecrafts Rebirth


Within the past few months, the notorious, ground breaking game, Minecraft has become increasingly more popular again. With the new updates and the introduction of cross platforming, players have begun to renew their love for the game they had long forgotten. If you wish to do the same and have not come back to the game for a while, you may find yourself a  little lost. In this article read about all the new updates and features that have been added to the game and the ones that have yet to come.


New Updates

Aquatic update-  Turtles, dolphins, drowned, fish, LOTS OF CORAL

Turtles are bred together with seagrass and lay eggs which later hatch into baby turtles. When these baby turtles grow up, they drop scutes which can be used to craft a turtle helmet which helps the player breath underwater. Along with turtle also came dolphins. Dolphins aid the player in many ways, such as if you are swimming by a dolphin they can give you an effect of grace, which makes the player swim faster. You can also feed a dolphin cod and it heads you to treasure. Another addition in the aquatic update was a new mob called drowned, which can naturally span in dark area of water or can result after a zombie remains underwater too long. To top it all off there are now fish such as cod and salmon that swim in the water and when killed can drop food and bones. Though cod and salmon aren’t the only fish that can spawn, if you happen to stumble upon a coral reef, you’ll find tropical fish and pufferfish surrounded by a variety of colorful coral and sea pickles.

Pillager update- In the newest update, mojang added new features to villages. Villagers that can trade now wear hats and have different looks to them depending on what object they’ve latched onto. For example, if a village latches onto a composter, that villager will be a farmer. Also, bells have been added to villages and when they are rung, the villagers will run into their homes. But why would the bell be necessary you might ask? Well, because along will the village updates mojang also introduced a few new hostiles mobs such as pillagers and ravager. Pillagers have their own outposts where they spawn and can also spawn in the wild. Pillagers are hostile towards the player and if they player kills the captain (a pillager holding a flag) they will get the effect called “bad omen.” If the player goes to a village with this effect on it will trigger a raid, in which multiple groups of pillagers and ravagers  will come in an attempt to kill all the villagers. If the pillager are successful they will cheer and celebrate. If the player kills the pillagers and protects the village they will get the effect “Hero of the Village” in which the villagers will lower their prices for the player.

On a different note, stray cats with different skin have been added . They now spawn in villages and can be tamed with raw cod or salmon. 


Upcoming Updates

Foxes- Only in PC/Java but are in Bedrock test servers, carry things in their mouth, can only be socialized by breeding two adults with sweet berries, will drop item in mouth for food, arctic foxes also exist. 


Bees – only in PC/Java test servers, can pollinate crops and advance them to the next growth stage, honey and honeycombs can be harvested from the nests. 


Mountains- snow you can fall into, goats, jagged cliffs, snow capped peaks, and more dramatic views.