SADD Scares Up Costume Winners

Mabry Miles, Sting Reporter

Red Ribbon Spirit Week falling on Halloween was a real treat. The student body’s spooky spirit really showed with all the amazing, creative costumes. The contest winners were announced Friday morning. 

Winners include:

Best Group – 

Little Red Riding Hood (Cassie McDonald) & the Big Bad Wolf (Cheyenne Burgdorf)

Andy Bryant
Blake Zappa and Melody Colonel

Most Creative – 

3rd Place: Coraline (Julia Venus)

2nd Place: The Pope (Wes Carpenter) 

1st Place: Darla from Finding Nemo (Melody Colonel)

Scariest – 

3rd Place: TIE Grim Reaper (Serenity Morrison) & Jester (Lyz Mitchell)

1st Place: TIE Villian from Batman (Emarrea Bell) & Demon (Sydni Hogan)