Green Team Barrels


Cordy Stirnaman, Sting Reporter

In an effort to reduce the waste Chester High school produces, Chester’s Green Team met up to clean, cut, sand, and paint barrels in which were placed around the school for the recycling of plastic bottles.

With six of Chester High Schools students and two of their teachers working consistently throughout the day, they were able to make a total of 7 barrels to be placed around the school.

Now, Chester’s Green Team is attempting to collect bottle caps to be sent to the Schwier’s in order to help create a bench in memory of Brandon Schwier and Kara Knop. They do so by collecting all the plastic bottles from recycling and going through and removing the caps from all of them and placing them in a box to be given to Chris Schwier. 

With all of that in mind, please do recycle all of your paper and plastic rather than throwing it away as it still has further use and value.