SEMO “Heathers: the Musical” Review


Melody Colonel, Assistant Editor

On Sunday, November 10, I had the privilege to go to Southeast Missouri State University and watch their performance of Heathers: the Musical. This show has a child view warning due to explicit language and content, but I feel is very funny, relatable, and good for a high school student to see. Going with 4 friends and 2 parents in tow, we went to see the show. The stage had everything they needed. With very little set pieces, they knew exactly what they were doing. Every piece was where it needed to be, when it needed to be there. The actors who portrayed Veronica and Jason “J.D.” Dean, played by, April Bassett and Tyler Battista, totally amazed me. “Dead Girl Walking” and “Seventeen” had me in tears. In theater, it can be very hard to portray chemistry. “Dead Girl Walking (Reprise)” was also fabulous, Bassett nailed the final note, which can make or break a performance. I had only listened to the soundtrack to this show, but going to see it live amazed me. Everything changes when you see a live show, I couldn’t have imagined a better looking cast, every character looked exactly how you would image, and sounded even better. Their 3 Heather’s were also fabulous, but I think the biggest shock to the audience was when the song “Blue” was sung. “You’re Welcome” was originally listed in the program. “You’re Welcome” is a replacement song for “Blue.” So when Kurt and Ram started singing, everyone in the theater started cheering. While most people may not know what Heathers is, many students at CHS have walked around humming the songs that are on the popular app Tik Tok. The show takes you through an accidental murder, a love connection, and then two more murders. Overall, I would definitely give the show a 10/10. With spot on costumes and makeup, the performance was just tied together. But again, I would not recommend seeing a show like Heathers with younger siblings. There is a lot of language throughout the show, and some actions that could upset older viewers, but everyone that I was around completely loved the show. To SEMO, keep producing these shows. It are shows that I see, like this, that make me want to declare a theater major. SEMO is also performing Shrek the Musical in the spring, I might just have to take another trip down to Cape.