William’s Retrospect Review: Mario Kart Double Dash


William Smith, Sting Reporter

On Nov. 7, 2003, my favorite Mario Kart game was released.

Mario Kart Double Dash was on the GameCube. It was the first completely 3D Mario Kart game and it had to exceed its predecessors. There were more characters than previous titles and you could even change your kart. That was cool for the time, but the real gimmick to this edition is that you can have two people per kart and double item boxes that gave you two items. One person would drive and the other would throw out items and you can switch seats throughout the race. Every character has a certain special item that they can get. For example, Mario and Luigi have a fireball that they can throw out. Bowser and Bowser Jr have a big Bowser shell that they can throw out that ricochets and can hit more than just one person. And finally, my favorite, Wario and Waluigi have a Bob-omb that they can throw and can either explode on impact or it sits for a few seconds and then explodes. There’s a cool feature in this game that no other has and it’s that you can bump into other players and steal their items.

Now let’s talk about the race tracks because, oh boy, they are good. There are so many good and memorable from just this title alone. Such as Peach Beach, which has you racing around part of a small town and a beach. The view and music are both exceptional and it feels really good to race on it. Next up is Dino Dino Jungle. Just like the last one, the music and scenery are great. You get to race through a prehistoric jungle and you have to watch out for the dinosaurs around the track. The last one that I’m going to talk about is Baby Park. This is the most simple track in all of Mario Kart history. It’s pretty much just an oval that goes for seven laps.

The game really doesn’t have any problems and it is all around a good time to play with friends.

I give this game a 10/10.