Pathfinder Students Selected


The Pathfinders for 2019-20 were announced. Pictured are Dan Colvis, board member; Pathfinders Mallary Vasquez, Ashtyn Jany, Mabry Miles, Avery Runge, Alexandria Hennerichs, Victoria Frederking, and Brianna Surman (not pictured in this photo); Auxiliary President Mardell Granger; Community Relations & Marketing Manager Mariah Bargman; and Chief Nursing Officer Susan Diddlebock.

Molly Rowold, Sting Reporter

There is a new scholarship program at Memorial Hospital in Chester. Pathfinders allows students who want to go into the medical field an opportunity to see a real medical setting. This opportunity was only offered to seniors.
The students who have been accepted are Mallary Vasquez, Mabry Miles, Ashtyn Jany, Avery Runge and Brianna Surman, all from Chester High School; Victoria Frederking, Trico High School; and Alexandria Hinnerichs, Steeleville High School.
Students who were also interested in the business part of the medical field could have applied to the Pathfinders program. This opportunity allows students to get a closer look into what their future may have in store and it will also help those students to finalize their decisions on going into the medical field. The students who have been accepted will be meeting Physicians, Medical Technologists, Department Managers and Administrative Personnel who have been through higher education and can help the students with their questions.