Is Google Stadia Dead?

Wes Carpenter, Entertainment Editor

Google Stadia was released November 19, 2019, but it seems to already have been forgotten about. From the start, Google Stadia did not have a lot to offer other than being able to buy games from the Cloud and skip the download of your games. There were no exclusives or really any good deals for this console, and many people who play video games already have a console to play on so there was really no point to buy it. There are already streaming applications on the Playstation; and soon to be on the Xbox with Playstation Now and the upcoming release of the xCloud.
The way Google Stadia works is it comes with an HDMI port and controller, which is just a cheap Xbox controller, but it plugs into TVs, laptops, desktops, and select tablets then uses your WiFi to stream the game you want to play on the device you are playing on. A problem with this type of style of console is that if your internet connection is not the best, you might experience lag or just a bad experience overall. Another problem was when Google Stadia was released it was around the time when Sony and Microsoft announced their next gen consoles so Google Stadia was swept under the rug and really forgotten about. After the horrible release, Google really just left it and moved on.
This was Google’s first attempt at making a console so we should cut them some slack, but it is hard to when you have a product flop so hard so quickly. Also Nvidia just released its own console, the Geforce, which is very similar to Stadia in which it streams games to any screen but it is way cheaper. The Geforce seems to already have a leg up on Stadia, but we will have to wait to see if it suffers the same fate of Google Stadia or does actually do well enough to compete with Sony and Microsoft. I believe with the release of Nvidia’s Geforce it is safe to say that the final nail has just been driven into the coffin.