CHS Student Council Results


Melody Colonel, Editor

On Friday, September 11, Mrs. Petrowske released the names of the 2020-21 Student Council officers and representatives!

Student Council Officers:

President- Melody Colonel

Vice President- Alex Hennrich

Secretary- Lauren Soellner

Social Chair- Madison Kribs

Extra-Curricular Chair- Hannah Blechle

Class Reps:

Class of 2021- Juliette Abernathy, Katelyn Shinabargar

Class of 2022- Oddessy Flores

Class of 2023- Trace Fricke

Class of 2024- Bethany Baughman, Amanda Kennon

Class of 2021 Officers:

President- Kennedy Herrell

Vice President- Josie Kattenbraker

Secretary/Treasurer- Peyton Clendenin

Class of 2022 Officers:

President- Kailyn Absher

Secretary- Emma Bryant

Treasurer- Abby Bollman

Class of 2023 Officers:

President- Emma Eggemeyer

Vice President- Paige Vasquez

Secretary/Treasurer- Aidan Blechle

Class of 2024 Officer:

President-Isaiah Ferrell