My Experience With Remote Learning

Jordanna Frazer, Sting Reporter

I’ve been a remote student since the beginning of school. While I have the option to return to in-person schooling, I feel safer being home and I have siblings who absolutely have to go to school because of learning issues. I don’t want to risk anything and be the one to get them sick when I can just remote learn.
My day starts around 9:30 am and I check Google Classroom immediately because I like to know what I need to do that day. If I don’t get started on my homework that morning, I’ll wait until the late afternoon and do it then. I do my homework on the day it’s due unless it’s a project that takes multiple days. I have 2 check-ins a week and one normal classroom meet. I’m not exactly the best going to meets unless I need help, have questions, or the teacher says it’s important. I’m usually done with my day by 4 pm and that’s including breaks, Google meets, and my late start in the day. The hardest part of remote learning is probably not interacting with people. I combat this with facetiming friends and spending time with my family.
I’ve noticed teachers have different ways of interacting with their online students. Some teachers do Google meets of their classes and some have you join a Google meet after school. Most of my teachers have a Google meet open for questions but they are not mandatory. I both go to school to take tests and take them on Google classroom for different teachers. You really have to keep up with everything going on and keep in contact with your teachers. After the first couple of weeks of remote learning I got the hang of it. While I still have slip -ups here and there, I like it quite a lot; although I’d rather have everything go back to normal pre-Covid-19.
Next week all remote students are required to go to Google meets during the school day. I’ll miss sleeping in, but I think this will really help some students. I look forward to being a part of class again.