Blood Drive Collects 31 Pints

Hannah Blechle & Alex Hennrich

Haley Hoskin, Sting Reporter

The Chester High School Student Council hosted a blood drive Nov.  5 in Colbert Gym, collecting 31 pints.
It was run by Hannah Bleche and Alex Hennrich. The students setting it up and breaking it down were Amanda Kennon, Bethany Baughman, Paige Vazquez, Emma Eggemeyer, and Kailyn Absher.

To be a donor at a blood drive, you have to be 16 years or older, be in good health, can’t have given any blood the last 56 days, and have proof that you are 16 years or older. Prior to donating, eat food with iron, have a good night’s sleep, and drink lots of water. Some don’t are eating junk food, staying up all night, and drinking lots of soda. Some things you should do after giving blood are to relax afterward, eat the snack that they give you, drink more water, and keep bandages on. Some things you should not do are heavy lifting, lots of exercising, drinking alcohol, and taking bandages off right afterward.
If you are a donor, some things for you to prepare for the blood drive are to wear a shirt that can be rolled up past your elbow, have your identification ready, and know what arm you normally donate with.

Donors also get a $5 Amazon gift card AND a $10 gift card after registering with the Red Cross with your appointment.

Jessica Ixcoy