Schedule Expanding Feb. 8


Lily Smith, Sting Reporter

Effective Feb. 8, Chester High School will use an extended schedule that will increase periods by four minutes and resume in-school lunches.
Principal Melissa Meyer discussed the upcoming changes to the schedule. When asked about how the decision was originally made, she said “From the beginning of the year, we’ve been trying to go back to normal a step at a time. Now that most of the students are in, we want to open up lunches again.”
According to Mrs. Meyer, 30 students are in full remote, and the original schedule change from now has stayed consistent.
She hopes that by the beginning of the next school year that we would return to normalcy.
“I think the students value the in-school learning and we will continue to strive for normalcy,” Mrs. Meyer said. “We know you guys missed General Tso Day!”

Buses will run like usual in the morning and after school.

Here is the new 2/8/21 schedule

1st hour 8:00 – 8:45
2nd hour 8:49 – 9:31
3rd hour 9:35 – 10:17
4th hour 10:21 – 11:03

Lunch/5th hour 11:03 – 11:35(l)
11:39 – 12:21(c)
5th hour/Lunch 11:07 – 11:49(c)
11:49 – 12:21(l)
6th hour 12:25 – 1:07
7th hour 1:11 – 1:53

CHS students should check Skyward next week to see what lunch they have.