Mr. Cowan Kisses The Goat

FFA Week Feb. 22-25


Lily Smith

Mr. Cowan gets ready to kiss the goat as FFA President Blake Huffman looks on.

Melody Colonel, Editor

National FFA Week was held Feb. 22-25.

Following a fund-raising event, Mr. Cowan “won” the opportunity to kiss a goat. Due to COVID restrictions, the assembly was held outside at the track. With the money that Mr. Cowan received to donate to any organization, he chose St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Mr. Cowan is doubling the money donated to send to the hospital. Before he kissed the goat, Mr. Cowan said he was, “Horrified of this small animal that ruined my childhood.” Mr. Cowan had a traumatic experience with a goat at a young age, making him quite uneasy about kissing the goat.

Blake Huffman, one of the main organizers for FFA week said that he was “very happy with the participation by the CHS student body.” He was happy that the money raised was going to such a great cause.

Another event held during the assembly was the hay bale tossing competition. Returning champion Jerald Copple successfully defended his title.

Jerald Copple defended his title in the FFA Week hay bale tossing contest. (Lily Smith)

Here are photos from the  FFA’s Dress Up Days:

Highlights from Hat Day.

Highlights from Pajama Day.