Scholarships Presented To Class of 2021 Standouts


Nate Heffernan, Peyton Clendenin, Macey Ludwig, Josie Kattenbraker, Katie Shinabargar and Melody Colonel were recip[ients of the American Legion scholarship. Making the presentation is Mrs. Wolter, CHS guidance counselor.

Chester High School held presentations over two days to honor scholarship recipients form the Class of 2021.

In lieu of a traditional awards program, scholarships were presented to students after school on May 11 and 12.

American Legion Bud Cohen: Peyton Clendenin, Melody Colonel, Nate Heffernan, Josie Kattenbraker, Macey Ludwig and Katelyn Shinabargar.
Buena Vista Bank: Peyton Clendenin
CEA – Chester Education Association: Melody Colonel and Kennedy Herrell
Chamber of Commerce: Peyton Clendenin
Chappius, Camille Fieschi Memorial: Melody Colonel
Chester Eagles: Nate Heffernan and Jarrett James
Chester Masonic Lodge: Amelia Shemonic
Chester VFW: Jarrett James, Melody Colonel, Katelyn Shinabargar and Lily Koch
Chester Women’s Club: Melody Colonel and Alison Venus
CHS Alumni: William Sorto
Cohen Girl Scouts: Alison Venus
Elmer & Alice Eggemeyer: Peyton Clendenin
Epstein Family: Melody Colonel
Thomas & Pauline Evans: Nate Heffernan
Knights of Columbus: Melody Colonel and Nate Heffernan
Koeneman Family: Melody Colonel
Charles & Mary Lindwedel: Alison Venus
Manor at Craig Farms: Lily Koch
Marion Eye Center: William Sorto and Alison Venus
Mary Katherine Mueller: Peyton Clendenin
Pat Mulholland: Josie Kattenbraker
Randolph County Democrats: Jarrett James
Rotary Club: William Sorto
Schaffner Masonic Foundation: Melody Colonel, Jarrett James, Peyton Clendenin, Katelyn Shinabargar and Alison Venus
Garey Schwent: Katelyn Shinabargar
Sharp Scholarships — Edna Sharp-Myers: Peyton Clendenin; Jake Sharp: Alison Venus; Roseanna Sharp: Kennedy Herrell
Rebecca Young Memorial: Peyton Clendenin and William Sorto
Dr. Milton Zemlyn: Alison Venus

James I. Brockmeyer First Responder Memoria:l Peyton Clendenin
Edward R. Crow Memorial Scholarship Award: Nate Heffernan
DAR – Daughter of American Revolution: Peyton Clendenin
St. Clement’s Red Bud Hospital: Raelynn Barnes
Illinois State Scholars: Melody Colonel, Kailey Hall, Kennedy Herrell, John Hunter and Alison Venus