Miss Hodge Teaching English, Directing Play


Ace Smith

Miss Hodge

Ace Smith, Associate Editor

Miss Hodge is the newest English teacher employed at CHS to set up her students to succeed. She expects to read a lot of weird and dark types of stories, and encourages students who don’t like to read that it’s not so bad. She will also be taking over Mrs. Coop’s position as theater director

In the past, Miss Hodge worked at Freeburg and Belleville as a student teacher, and she says that although the two schools are very different, it helped her learn how different schools handled different things. She compares her work at Freeburg to that of Chester’s and hopes that Chester welcomes her into their system. She hopes that her previous experience in film will push her work here as CHS theater director to the next level.

One of Miss Hodge’s biggest influences in her teaching is her mother, who also is a non-traditional teacher. Her mother has also taught her that even as an adult, there is so much more to learn in the world.

With no plans of slowing down, Miss Hodge wants to let her students know that she sets up each and every one of her students to succeed, and can’t wait to see what the future holds.
She is teaching sophomore and junior English classes.