Is Social Media and COVID-19 causing an Outbreak of Tourette-like Behavior?


Jordanna Frazer, Reporter

There has been an increase in tic symptoms in people who have no previous history with tics. Tics are a repetitive movement or sound that is difficult to control. It’s suspected that the stress of COVID and the increased popularity of internet creators with Tourettes is the culprit causing this issue. This problem is mostly related to teenage girls with a past of anxiety and depression, although it affects other youths as well. Professionals are asking people experiencing this issue to stay away from creators, on social media with Tourettes, as it can trigger their own tics. These rapid-onset cases are different from the typical case of Tourettes. Conventional Tourettes mainly affect boys and are seen in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder and ADHD. This type of thing is being seen all over the world due to the stress everyone has been experiencing since the start of the pandemic. There’s a new study saying that this outbreak of tics, is a case of mass hysteria or a mass sociogenic outbreak. A sociogenic illness is an outbreak of illness symptoms in a group of people sharing the same social setting. In this case, the symptom of the disease is tics, and the social environment is social media.