Why all of the Grey?

Why all of the Grey?

Emma Bryant, Editor

On September 1st 2021, all of the paraprofessionals and cooks are wearing grey. Some of the teachers are also wearing grey. They aren’t only doing this at the high school, but also the grade school. What is significant about this color? Why didn’t the students hear about it?

Since they have recently joined a union, the paraprofessionals and cooks are under negotiation with the school board. This means that they currently don’t have a contract and are still trying to form one.

They aren’t feeling the appreciation that they feel is deserved. If you work at Mcdonald’s, you are making more money, an hour, than our paraprofessionals are. There are many other things going on, the pay is just one of the biggest issues. They work very hard and help out all the time. What would we do without our cooks? Who would feed the students? What would we do without our paras? So many students need them and they do a lot of background work that not everyone sees. Without them, we wouldn’t be fully able to function during a school day.

If you see a para or a cook, please thank them! They work so hard and are the backbone of the school. You would be very surprised to see all the things that they have to do to ensure that our school day runs as smoothly as possible. They are asking all supporters to go to the next board meeting, September 21st, and just be there on behalf of them. If going please wear grey to show your 100% support!