Has Lunch Been Shorter this Year?

Mr. Cowan’s Class Moving To 1st Lunch


This student was in line for over ten minutes, and was still all the way to the women’s restroom.

Emma Bryant, Sting Editor

During this school year, many things have changed. One of these being the duration that students and staff have to eat lunch.

In previous years, there have been between 35-43 minutes for students to eat lunch at the high school. For some reason, this year the lunch schedule has been shortened, and there are only 30 minutes to eat lunch. That doesn’t seem like a big deal, at first. On some days, students are getting less than 10 minutes to eat lunch, due to the length of the lunch line. However, they were told that if need be, they could finish out their lunch and miss class time. This is a problem in itself because if the lunch was just a little bit longer, then students wouldn’t have to miss out on valuable class time to just finish their meal.

Some days are better than other days, but it is mainly pretty consistent with minimal eating time. Some students don’t have these problems because they are at the very beginning of the line every day. Not everyone is that lucky. Some students are getting to the back of the line every single day, and they are struggling to finish their food in time, so they can actually get the full duration of their next class.

How can we fix this problem?
There are many solutions to this problem. Instead of only having 2 lunch periods, it could be broken into 3 lunch periods. This would cut the line down and potentially make 5th hour a little bit longer. Another idea was to let different classes go to lunch early, every day. The classes would alternate every day, and that would let, at least, 1 class to be served and out of the way.

Mrs. Meyer, principal, is implementing one move to alleviate 2nd lunch congestion. Starting Sept. 7, Mr. Cowan’s class will flip its schedule and go to 1st lunch.

Another change is that seniors will be able to move to the front of the lunch line on the first Friday of each month.