The Sinkhole


Jordanna Frazer, Sting Reporter

As you all may have seen, a large section of the parking lot is marked off due to a sinkhole. This is a problem because if you don’t have a parking pass for the limited parking spaces, you must park somewhere else. Students are allowed to park on Swanwick St. up and around on Morrison Road on the school’s side.

I talked with Mrs. Meyer, CHS principal, in order to give you the details, but first what exactly is a sinkhole? A sinkhole is a hole in the ground caused by some kind of collapse of the surface area. We actually have two sinkholes. Mrs. Meyer said that one night a sinkhole appeared and then another one after that. Fixing the sinkholes would cost CHS in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix. Mrs. Meyer explained that it’s not possible to fix it right now, but they did fix the drainage problem, which should prevent more damage. The parking lot is safe for students and teachers. The sinkhole will have absolutely no effect on the school building itself, as it’s far enough away from the school. There may be future plans to do something else to further fix this issue, but until then we should continue avoiding the troubling areas and park in the allowed spaces.