Creepy World Scary Experience


Haley Hoskin, Sting Reporter

There is a haunted attraction in Fenton, Missouri. This attraction is named Creepy World. Creepy World has 10 different haunted houses. Some of the new houses include Krampus, Slaughter and Sons Funeral Home, a Pumpkin Barn, and a Tales of Terror video before you enter the first haunted house telling you about what 9 of the houses are about. The haunted houses are Saint Lucifer’s Hospital, Slaughter and Sons Funeral Home, Dolly Madlyn’s Mansion The Dolls Seek Souls, Camp Blood Crystal Lake, Krampus Jack Frost Revenge, Sleepy Hollow 3d, Brigantine Asylum, The Dark Zone, and Silo-X. Some things you can do afterwards are a Vampire Tomb Escape Room, Zombie Paintball, and look in the Pumpkin Barn. Right before Krampus, you can pay five dollars and ride a Haunted Hayride called Trick ’R Treat Haunted Hayride. This Hayride has different horror characters like Pennywise, Chucky, Mother, Jason, Freddy Krueger, and more. This hayride only costs 5 dollars to do. The haunted houses are 20 dollars for all 9 houses.
The first house is Saint Lucifer’s Hospital, this is right about the mapping video Tales of Terror. After Saint Lucifer’s, there is the Slaughter and Sons Funeral Home, this is where they have bodies hanging from the ceiling and dead bodies all over the place. Directly after, there is Camp Crystal Lake, this is a campsite where Jason rules. There was a huge Jason stabbing a kid in a sleeping bag. The fourth house is new this year, it is Krampus but if you pay 5 dollars you can ride the Trick ‘R Treat Hayride before you enter this house. It is suggested that you buy these trinkets before entering the first house. Krampus is a Christmas theme house. There are Christmas lights and killer snowmen. While waiting in line to go in, there is a Krampus in Santa’s clothes that you can get a picture with. There is a completely dark section. That house is called the Dark Zone. After that dark section, the next house is Silo-X,. This house is about an experiment going wrong and making zombies. Then the zombies take over the world. In the middle of the house in the outside part there is a maze. At the end there is another maze that is hard to get through. The next one is a 3d house. It is based off of Sleepy Hollow. At the end of the house, there is one of the spinning rooms where it feels like you are going to fall over. Then there is Dolly Madlyn’s Mansion The Dolls Seek Souls. This, if you haven’t guessed by name, is about all the dollies getting revenge on the people. If you like the exorcist then you would like this house. In this house, you can find the exorcist and the priest who tried to help her. Then after you exit the dolly you would end up at the Brigantine Asylum. When you exit Brigantine Asylum, you come to the end. Here is where you can buy food, buy tickets for the escape room, enter the escape room, and watch a movie they play for you. When we went they were playing Nightmare on Elm Street. There is also a spiderman, not the hero but a man that is part spider and part man, that you can take a picture with.