Meet CHS Student Council

Deborah Wills, Sting Reporter

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This year for student council for the Freshman class we have: President Anna Childs, Vice- President Cayla Sibley, Secretary Kaleb Rehmer, and Treasurer Alyssa Seymour. For the representatives for the Freshman class we have Kole Sumpter, and Hunter Riedel. Those are the officers for the Freshman class.

For the Sophomore class we have President Melody Colonel, Vice-President Makaylaih Gladney, Secretary Lily Koch, and Ariel Thoop. The representative for the Sophomore class is Lauren Soellner. Those are the officers for the Sophomore class.  

For the Junior class officers this year we have President Ryn  Petrowske, Vice- President Adeline Blechle, Secretary Lauryn Vasquez,and Treasurer Amira Al-Jassim. The representatives for the Junior class is Ashtyn Jany, and Avery Runge.

For the Senior class officers we have President Carlee Weir, Vice- President Elizabeth Soellner, Secretary Sylena Martin, and Treasurer Jacob Cushman. For the representatives for the Senior class we have Drake Bollman, and Car Childs.

For the student council we have President Jacob Wingerter, Vice-President Shea Petrowske, Secretary Kamryn Wingerter, and Treasurer Lauren Welge. And that concludes the student council for this year the year of 2018-2019.