FCA Plans Bake Sale


Madi Kribs, Sting Reporter

The CHS Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is hosting a bake sale at the CIT Tournament on Saturday, January 15. If you, or anyone you know, would be able to donate some baked goods, contact Mr. Cowan, Hannah Blechle, or Madi Kribs.
The FCA table will be set up from 2:30 pm through the last game unless they run out before then.
“If you don’t have anything going on this Saturday, come enjoy some basketball, featuring your Chester Yellow Jackets, and help support your FCA by purchasing a sweet treat!” Kribs said.
If you are interested in joining FCA, they meet on the first Tuesday of the month in Mr. Cowan’s classroom at 7:15 am. They usually have breakfast and learn how to better themselves as Christians and athletes.