I Have

Emma Bryant, Editor

Have you ever seen a mother hurt her son?
I have.
Not only did she abuse him physically,
but also mentally destroyed him.
Dropping him off places as a child,
because he was “too much to handle.”
Holding him, yet forever damaging him.

Have you ever seen a mother degrade her son?
I have.
As a child he was always “a pig” for eating a lot,
As a teenager he was “a skeleton” for not eating.
He was never good enough for her.
She spoke to him as if he was stupid,
but then pushed for “extra help.”

Have you ever seen a mother disown her son?
I have.
He was never given a chance to be himself.
She always pushed for pink dresses and bows,
but all he wanted was baggy clothes.
She would call out his deadname,
which isn’t who he truly is.

Have you ever seen a son leave the abuse?
I have.
He finally realized that what he went through,
was never really love, but abuse.
It just wasn’t healthy anymore,
he got help and escaped.
Now he is happy and truly loved.

Have you ever seen a son thrive?
I have.
He is becoming is true self,
taking testosterone to help.
With having no contact with his family,
he eventually learned his self worth.
Finally, he is able to live his best life.