Hennrich Crowned Prom Queen, Cowell King


Prom royalty for Chester High School were Queen Alex Hennrich, King Jacob Cowell, Prince Koby Jany and Princess Maleia Absher.

Emma Bryant, Editor

Alex Hennrich was crowned queen and Jacob Cowell king at the 2022 Chester High School Prom.
Maleia Absher was elected princess and Koby Jany prince.
The Chester High School 2022 prom court was announced on April 1st during sixth hour. With not having a prom last year, students are very excited to participate this year.

The junior class court is Koby Jany, Chance Mott, Shane Bicket, Maleia Absher, Camrynn Howie, and Emma Eggemeyer.

The senior class court is Jared Landeros, Cooper Eggemeyer, Freddie Alvarez, Jacob Cowell, Ethan Stumpe, Madi Kribs, Kylie Fortner, Emily Mehrer, Alex Hennrich, and Maria Nickle.

The 2022 Chester High School Prom Court. (Haley Hoskin)
Alex Hennrich was crowned queen, Jacob Cowell king, Koby Jany prince and Maleia Absher princess.
The 2022 Chester High School Prom Court consists of (front row) queen candidates Alex Hennrich, Emily Mehrer and Emma Eggemeyer; (second row) queen candidates Camrynn Howie, Maria Nickle, Kylie Fortner, Madi Kribs and Maleia Absher; (third row) king candidates Shane Bicket, Jacob Cowell, Freddie Alvarez, Cooper Eggemeyer; Ethan Stumpe, Chance Mott and Koby Jany; and (back row) king candidate Jared Landeros.
Juniors Paige Vasquez, Emma Eggemeyer and Maleia Absher display their “white lie” t-shirts during the Prom Week activity on Wednesday.