CHS Musicians Take 4th In State


Concert Band earned a 1 rating at the state organizational contest.

Haley Hoskin, Sting Reporter

The Chester music department went to the organization contest in Murphysboro April 8.

After tabulating the rganization total with the previous solo and ensemble score, Chester ended up in 4th place in Class B by 1.5 points. That is the highest place and score the music department has gotten in Class B. The final score was 718.5 points. Chester was in second place after the solo and ensemble competition, but some stingy judging kept them from a top three finish and a state trophy.

The jazz band, concert choir and swing choir ended up getting 2’s. The concert band got a 1 .
The jazz band played at 4: 30. They played “Below the Line,” “Here’s That Rainy Day,” and “Five Spots After Dark.” There were 3 different judges. One judge gave a ll. The second judge gave ll. The third judge gave l. With those 3 scores, the jazz band ended up with a 2.
Next up was the swing choir. They performed at 5: 30. They sang “Unforgettable,” “Shallow,” and “They Can’t Take That Away From Me.” There were also 3 judges. One gave a 33 (ll). The second gave a 30.2 (ll). The third gave a 35 (l). With those 3 scores, the swing choir got a 2.
Next up was the concert choir. They performed at 6: 30. They sang “Prayer of the Children,” “Count the Stars,” and “Wade in the Water.” One judge gave a 32.5 (ll). The second gave a 30 (ll). The third gave a 20 (lll). With those 3 scores, the concert choir got a 2 as well.
Lastly, the concert band played at 7: 30. They played “Georgia Girl, “Mt. Everest,” and then “Critical Mass.” With that, the concert band got a 1.
The Jr. High band and choir had a virtual contest, as well. For the first time ever, both groups got a first superior.