Earth Day at Chester

Sara Hammel


Emma Bryant, Sting Reporter

Chester High School’s Green Team hosted a beautification day, on April 22nd, which was also Earth Day. Students had no regular classes that day. Students went around town to clean up, working with their second hour classes. Some students stayed at the high school; others went to the riverfront, city steps, etc. Students cleaned up the town in the morning and competed in games in the afternoon.

Students ate outside for lunch, and while being on the front lawn every students was able to make a seed bomb. This was a compacted ball of dirt that had wild flower seeds put into the middle of it. After all the cleaning was done in town and all students had eaten lunch, everyone went down to the track and played games. The seniors were able to get into groups and plant beautiful trees along the side of the track. During the games, the staff won, juniors got second, sophomores third, freshmen fourth, and seniors last.