Seniors’ Destinations


Ace Smith

The Class of 2022 revealed their future plans during the Senior Awards Assembly May 9.

Emma Bryant, Editor

On May 9th, Decision Day was held in Colbert Gym for all the seniors to sign off to where they were going after high school. Many students are going either to the workforce, trade school, military or to college. Good luck to all the seniors after graduation! The plans of all of the seniors are as follows:
Kailyn Absher – SIUE/National Guard

Jacob Cowell – Marine Corp

Gavin Cushman – Marine Corp

Madison Dillman – Military

Salem Heins – Navy

Jared Landeros – Air Force

Alex Embrich – Construction

Aaron Fitzwilliam – Workforce

Avery Carpenter – work force

Haley Haslett – Nursing

Jerald Copple – Plumbing

Tonya Endicott – workforce

Jacob Copple- work force

Luis Jimenez – Workforce

Max Allwardt – trade school

Damien Fernandez – trade school

Brendan Baughman – Ranken Technical College

Jordan Bybee – Ranken

Dominic Govero – Ranken Technical College

Dylan Kelkhoff – Missouri Welding Institute

Kaden Freytag – Southeast Lineman Training Center

Abby Bollmann – Lindenwood University

Emma Bryant – University of Maine

Ashlyn Colvis – Kaskaskia College

Oddessy Flores – Iowa Wesleyan University

Amaya Hannigan – Texas A&M Corpus Christi

Jake Heck – Murray State University

Hannah Colvis – Murray State University

Hannah Blechle – Murray State University

Ethan Korando – SIU Edwardsville

Lily Lochhead – SIU Carbondale

Jordanna Frazer – SIU Carbondale

Madi Kribs – SEMO

Anna Childs – SEMO

Kylie Fortner – SEMO

Cooper Eggemeyer – SEMO

Aidan Kennon – SEMO

Isaac Maue – SWIC

Alex Hennrich – SWIC

Blake Huffman – SWIC

Heidy Lorenzo – Undecided

Aiden Jany – Undecided

Isaac Jany – Undecided

Freddie Alvarez – Undecided