Musicians Present Spring Concert


Sound Affect performs “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” May 10 at the spring concert.

The CHS Sound, Band, Jazz Band, and Concert Choir performed on Tuesday, May 10th. The musicians played and several awards were handed out in both instrumental and vocal groups.
The concert started with the Sound Affect singing “Shallow”, with Oddessy Flores and Kaleb Rehmer as soloists then they sang “Can’t Take That Away From Me”. After those two songs were Concert Choir who sang “Prayer of the Children ”, “I will Count the Stars”, “Wade in the Water” with soloists Summer Valleroy, Mirra Krieg, Jaden Heffernan, Ace Smith, and Brayden Ridings, and finally “Gone Too Soon”. After the Concert Choir, Soup was und Affect with their dancing pieces. They danced to “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In”, “Walking on Sunshine”, and “Born This Way”. They also sang “Unforgettable” with soloists Will Smith and Cayla Sibley.
The Jazz Band was after the choirs. They played “Five Spots After Dark” with soloists Jacob Handel and Lily Lochhead, “Here’s a Rainy Day” with soloists Anna Childs and Jacob Handel, and finally “Below the Line” with soloists Lily Lochhead and Brayden Ridings. After Jazz Band was Concert Band. They played “Georgia Girl”, “Mt. Everest”, “Critical Mass”, and “Armed Forces Salute”.
Awards were presented at this concert. The first awards for all the four year students of the vocal music department were Abby Bollmann, Emma Bryant, Hannah Colvis, Lily Lochhead, Will Smith, and Kaleb Rehmer.
Next were the four year instrumental Anna Childs, Hannah Colvis, Jerald Copple II, Aaron Fitzwilliam, Jordanna Frazer, Haley Haslett, Salem Heins, Alex Hennrich, Megan Miller, Lily Lochhead, Luke Miller, Kaitlyn Pfeiffer, Kaleb Rehmer, Brayden Ridings, Cami Schroeder, Cayla Sibley, Cristen Tucker, and Jonathon Wahl.
Individual Awards were handed out to
Alex Hennrich- Amanda Kahre Memorial Award
Will Smith (runner up)- Chorus Arion Award
Lily Lochhead- Chorus Arion Award
Chase Gilbert – Frederick Allmeyer Memorial
Anna Childs- Louis Armstrong Jazz Award
Calya Sibley- Wayne Thorne Memorial Award
Luke Miller (runner up)-Arion Award Band
Kaleb Rehmer- Arion Award Band