Trailer Released For Poe Play

Isaiah Ferrell


Kerringtyn Malley

cartoon by Kerringtyn Malley

Haley Hoskin, Sting Editor

This year the CHS theater production will be An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe. The auditions were Tuesday, August 30th, and the cast and managers have been announced!

Managers will also be managers of 2023-2024 production as well

Production Manager: Aden McFarland

Set Manager: Will Welge

Props Manager: Isaiah Roth

Stage Manager: Mikayla Straight
Assistant Stage Manager: Lydia Smith

Social Media & Marketing Manager: Isaiah Roth

Soundtrack and Effects Manager: TJ Lyons
Soundtrack and Effects Assistant: Ace Smith

Wardrobe Manager: Brooklyn Webb

Makeup Manager: Cailey Bainter

Meetings and Rehearsals Manager: Noah Wetzel

Audio / Visual Manager: Rylie McDonough

Crew: Aubrey Price, Brayan Cates, Malachi Greathouse

Story #1- The Cask of Amontillado
Montresor- Kerrington Malley
Fortunado- Julia Venus

Story #2- The Purloined Letter
Dupin- Jason Sibley
Daignault- Haley Hoskin
Prefect – Noah Wetzel
Her Highnesses – Ary Shipley
His Highness- Ash Pfeiffer
Prime Minister- Kaci Trost
Policemen- Toby, Will, Amelia

Story #3- The Fall of the House of Usher
Rhodes – Chelsea August
Roderick Usher- Nico DeGuzman
Madeline Usher- Ary Shipley
Doctor – Kerrington Malley

Story #4- The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Feather
Lemonde- Julia Venus
Traveling Companion – Emerson Molton
Monsieur Maillard- Kaci Trost
Members of the dinner party-
Toby, Nico, Chelsea, Haley, TJ,Liam, Ash
The Real Keepers- Kerrington Malley, Amelia Crawford

Story #5- The Oblong Box
Renelle – Ary Shipley
Cornelius Wyatt – Noah Wetzel
Wyatt’s Wife – Julia Venus
Captain Hardy – Jason Sibley
Wyatt’s Sisters Marian and Madeline
Haley Hoskin (Marian)
Chelsea August (Madeline)
Crew members / Sailors- Kerrington Malley

Story #6- The Tell-Tale Heart

Burke – Ash Pfeiffer
Old Man – Liam Holland
Policemen- Toby, Noah, TJ

There is still room for people who would want to be part of the production in both backstage and cast.