Band Returns To Florida


Mikayla Straight

Will Smith channels his inner mouse.

Haley Hoskin, Editor

Every 4 years, Mr. Colonel has band students collect money and then takes them to Florida for a week. This past trip was supposed to be last summer but due to Covid and everything going on was pushed back to this summer. About 39 band students collected money over the past 5 years and went on this trip.
They headed down to Florida June 1st and started heading back June 7th. The students left on June 1st at about 5 in the afternoon. They later arrived at Coco Beach in Florida on June 2nd and hung out on the beach that night. The following day they spent the whole day at Kennedy Space Center then arrived in Orlando. On June 4th, they spent the day at Universal Orlando. These involve two parks (Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure) where the students got to go to both parks. June 5th the students went to Animal Kingdom for half of the day then Magic Kingdom for the rest of the time. While at Magic Kingdom, they watched the spectacular fireworks show at Cinderella’s castle. June 6th the students spent half the day at Hollywood Studios and the rest of the time at Epcot. They also watch the fireworks show at Epcot, as well. The last day everyone went back to Universal Orlando again. Everyone ended up wearing the same band shirt with every band student’s name on it that came on the trip. After leaving Universal Orlando, everyone hopped onto the bus and started heading home. They arrived back in Chester about 11 30 in the morning on June 8th.
While this was not the trip Mr. Colonel and the rest of the students were expecting, they still went and enjoyed their time in Florida. Now Mr. Colonel can get ready for his next and final Florida Trip in about 3 years.