CHS Students Part Of Walmart Program

Haley Hoskin, Editor

On Friday, August 26th, Walmart had a grand re-opening ceremony since they will be done with remodeling the store. This ceremony showed off what exactly they did and recognized the people who helped.
Activities included a ring toss where people had a chance to win Pepsi, Nabisco, or Coke products as well as recognition of the store team and 3 long-term employees (Sue, Lydia, and Tammy) who helped open the store originally. The people who helped remodel Walmart were also recognized. There were speeches from multiple people including the mayor and local representatives. Donations were made to Chester High School, Chester Police Department, and Ellis Grove Fire Department. There were also food trucks such as Aunt Annies Pretzel truck and some entertainment for younger kids.
Multiple things were donated for this event. The Pepsi company donated 2 liters of soda for the ring toss. Nabisco company donated some chips and crackers. Coke company donated some more soda for the ring toss.
These people who worked on the remodeling are part of Troc Global and Survey Employees. Some extra overnight employees were also hired temporarily by Walmart to help. They have been working every night Sunday through Thursday (10 pm to about 7 am) since the beginning of June. The supervisors of this project are Dewayne (Troc Global Site Project Manager), Angela (Walmart Site Project Manager), and Ms. Jay (Walmart Site Project Manager). Multiple changes have been added while the work has been going on. There has been new signage installed throughout the store, new security system installed, new dressing rooms built, merchandise changes, and new fixtures installed, as well as a bigger pharmacy. The whole store was repainted inside and out.
The high school band, cheerleaders and dance team performed at the ceremony as well.

Cheerleaders performed at the event. (Ace Smith)