Julia Nicole Venus, Sting Reporter

They scamper in the building like gremlin-esque type monsters.
They spew the foulest language earning disappointment their mothers
I can’t move through the hallways ‘cause they’ve got them jammed and blocked,
and the bathroom’s always full ‘cause they think it’s their new hangout spot.
Their behavior is despicable, but what can you expect?
These over-glorified eighth-graders need to learn respect.
There are so many of these booger-pickers that the lunch line’s a mile long,
and to say the least their manners are nothing close to strong.
Band class is a pain because they’re always playing nonsense.
For once I wish they’d practice something from the songs list.
So from a senior to you all,
please believe my word,
when a freshman opens their mouth,
it’s the most annoying thing I’ve ever heard.