Art Club Elects Officers


Mikayla Straight

Mrs. Appel presides over the art club meeting.

Mikayla Straight, Sting Reporter

The CHS Art Club has started up again this year, with its first meeting August 24, 2022. The club discussed the election of new officers coming up soon, and introduced the standing officers, Mikayla Straight (President), Chelsea August (Vice-President), Will Welge (Treasurer), Ash Pfeiffer (Secretary), and Social Media managers Toby Gercis and Josh Casteel.
The club discussed the annual tasks coming up, like the Christmas Door Decorating, the Chalk Walk, and the Valentine Hearts. These are time consuming tasks that will require many members’ help to accomplish. More projects are underway as the club discusses the details over time. The first meeting was successful, with many returning and new members attending. Art Club is determined to be an eventful, and creative year.

Members of the Art Club met Aug. 24. (Mikayla Straight)